8 Cool Carry-On Gifts for Business Travelers

Gifts for business travelers

Traveling for work sounds glamorous. You get to explore new cities, try new foods, and meet new people, all while finalizing business matters.

But business travel isn't always what it's made out to be. Operating in a different time zone, not to mention living out of suitcases in unfamiliar hotel rooms, makes it hard to settle in. On top of that, there are long meetings to get through and presentations to deliver.

That's where the best travel gifts come in handy. Whether you're shopping for a frequent flyer or a novice, pampering yourself or a helpful coworker, we unveil the best gifts for business travelers to make those journeys smoother and more productive.

The 8 Best Gifts for Business Travelers

The best gifts for business travelers are (surprise!) useful gifts that ease their traveling routine. Having something practical is especially important since being away from home often means sacrificing a few creature comforts. Assess their needs, then thoughtfully wrap up the item(s) they can't live without on their trips.

That said, frequent travelers likely have travel essentials down pat. As such, a fun gift like a cocktail kit may be more appreciated than another set of packing cubes. But if their oft-used items have fallen apart or they rarely splurge on themselves, you now have the perfect excuse to pamper them.

Below, dig into a treasure trove of gifts specially tailored to business trips at every price point. You're bound to find something your gift recipient will like, whether they’re domestic travelers or globetrotters.

1. Cuvu Compression Socks

Cuvu compression socks make great gifts for business travelers

Not many people realize the scary side of business travel, such as the risk of deep vein thrombosis (blood clots). Whatever the mode of transportation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that minimal leg activity stalls blood circulation.

On top of the leg swelling and cramps that result from prolonged sitting, travelers are also at risk of blood clots forming in their leg veins. When these blood clots break off and travel to the lung or heart, it can turn into life-threatening pulmonary embolism.

Wearing compression socks is the golden key to unlocking better leg health, no matter the duration of the business trip. In fact, a 2016 medical review discovered that compression socks significantly reduced the odds of deep vein thrombosis in airplane passengers on long flights.

That's why we've placed Cuvu compression socks at the top of this gift guide for business travelers. Made from recycled water bottles, these socks make use of graduated compression to ward off unwanted blood clots.

Aside from its health-optimizing benefits, Cuvu socks are also fashionable enough to be considered travel chic. Ladies will love the comfortable hosiery in neutral shades. Meanwhile, men may find their new dress socks in the form of knee-high compression socks.

Gifting tip: If you aren't exactly sure the sock style and design your giftee will go for, a Cuvu gift card is the perfect solution to your dilemma.

2. Personalized Luggage Tag

In the realm of stocking stuffer gifts for business travelers, a personalized luggage tag is a show-stealer. Small but mighty, the luggage tag helps anyone identify their carry-ons from a sea of travel bag look-alikes.

For a unique gift idea, pick the style and design they want. Female business travelers may like this elegant luggage tag monogrammed in gold while men will likely gravitate towards these rugged-looking leather counterparts.

3. Premium Packing Cubes

If your loved one’s packing cubes are looking a little worse for wear, it's time for an upgrade. VASCO's compression packing cubes, with their high-quality and water-resistant material, put a stop to the sit-on-luggage-to-close-it scenario.

The set includes:

  • 3 packing cubes for formal wear, casuals, and everything in between
  • 1 shoe bag to keep the carry-on's interior hygienic
  • 1 hanging toiletry bag that can be conveniently hung on drawers and shower doors
  • 1 electronics packing cube to organize laptop, chargers, and cables
  • 1 RFID travel wallet to store credit cards, cash, and boarding passes

And for an encore? These packing cubes save up to 60% luggage space, so folks can pack more stuff in their carry-on or use a smaller travel bag. It's a twofer gift for business travelers — functionality and organization rolled into a single item.

4. Supportive Laptop Backpack

Gifts for business travelers: Man in a suit with a backpack

Never underestimate the power of a good laptop backpack for a comfortable travel experience. While messenger bags look sleek and classy, they can lead to shoulder aches and strains. Nowadays, most laptop backpacks are also slim and professional-looking. So really, there's no excuse not to make the switch before your favorite traveler’s next trip.

For the ladies, we recommend this faux leather backpack that comes in a variety of colors. It's roomy enough to fit a laptop and packing cubes, in addition to satisfying light packers and short trips. Accessible outer pockets line the front, back, and sides, and the travel bag is made of durable material.

For the gents, this water-repellent backpack is the travel bag to take them from the boardroom to the backwoods if they have the urge to go hiking. It has plenty of space, a shoe compartment, and padded straps for comfort. What's more, the extra shoulder strap transforms the backpack into a duffle bag.

5. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Another practical gift for business travelers is a pair of noise-canceling headphones to filter out unwanted sounds in the plane, car, bus, and even hotel rooms — noisy air-conditioners, we’re looking at you.

Thankfully, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II boasts unbeatable noise cancellation for peaceful slumber and relaxation. Equipped with Bluetooth-pairing and Alexa voice control, it's definitely a step up from old-fashioned earbuds.

6. Entertainment Essentials

All work and no play makes business travelers a dull bunch. That's why most of them make use of long flights to listen to podcasts or immerse themselves in books. Also, while the local night scene may entice, some people prefer a quiet night in after a long day of meetings.

Here are several entertainment options that will make great gifts for business travelers:

  • Netflix subscription: Gives access to all the shows they need to catch up on.
  • Spotify Premium gift card: Psst, this gift idea goes well with the headphones mentioned earlier.
  • iPad Air: Frequent travelers adore its sleek design and decent battery life of 10 hours.
  • Kindle: It’s so much more practical than lugging around heavy tomes.

7. Heavy-Duty Portable Charger

Gifts for business travelers: Smartphone charger

It goes without saying that one can never have too many portable chargers, least of all, the frequent traveler. Backup chargers are immensely helpful in prolonging battery life, particularly during long flights and even longer business meetings. After all, travelers have multiple gadgets to keep in the green.

The Anker PowerCore 26800 is the preferred portable charger among the work crowd. It has more than six charges for smartphones and two charges for tablets, with three USB ports to juice up several gadgets at once. Compared to other power banks, the Anker PowerCore recharges way faster, helping to boost work productivity.

Note: If your giftee is an iPhone and iPad user, they will need USB-C and lightning cables, which are sold separately.

8. Compact Travel Hair Dryer

Hair dryers are often forgotten during packing, but they are the make-or-break device to help long-haired business travelers look professionally put-together before a work conference.

We're wild about the Baby Buttercup Travel Blow Dryer infused with ionic technology, making it a cut above hotel-provided hair dryers. It's light and foldable for travel, not to mention shine-enhancing and frizz-reducing for the ultimate blowout. The powerful motor also means a shorter dry time. For the proverbial cherry on top, this hair dryer is housed in a complimentary travel bag.

Make Their Next Trip Smooth-Sailing With the Right Gifts

The best gifts for business travelers are the ones that optimize their work performance and take care of their health. They’ll find comfort in tried-and-tested companions for the road, ranging from gadgets to entertainment.

Aside from the gifts of functionality, organization, and productivity, road warriors also put a premium on the gift of health. In other words, high-quality compression socks from Cuvu will be their favorite gift yet.